In Reykjavík, the poets Degna Stone (UK), Hanna Wikman (SE), Trygvi Danielsen (FO) and Jonas Reynir Gunnarsson (IS) artist María Dalberg met. After the residential week, Dalberg created an artistic short film based on the authors’ readings, where photographs and drawings co-operate with the authors’ four different languages.



Degna Stone – Vörður

Trygvi Danielsen – in Faroese language and English

Jónas Reynir Gunnarsson – Veisla í vatninu

Hanna Wikman – Sjunktimmar 


About the authors:


Hanna Wikman, born in 1981, is an author, teacher in creative writing and libraryworker from Kramfors in Sweden, living in Hisingen, Gothenburg. She was part of organizing the ongoing women- and transseparatist writing and literature studies course Your silence will not protect you, Kvinnofolkhögskolan. Teaching writing is also a part of her work as a library assistant in Biskopsgården and she regularly teaches at the writers program at Gotlands folkhögskola, Fårösund. Among her writings can be mentioned the roadnovel Lift (Charlie by Kabusa, 2010) and poetry published in various magazines such as Provins and Bang. This autumn her poetry is published in the collection Poems, songs and music from Nordingrå. Her second novel Härdar is soon to come, a story about union-organizing, forestry, antifascism, longing and love.

Trygvi Danielsen
Writer, poet, filmmaker, musician
21.02.1991, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
Collection of short stories, poems and music published 2013
Awarded best young Faroese artist 2014 by the national cultural fond
Short film on display at Palestinian film festival 2016
New short film in editing process 2017
New collection of text and music to be published in 2017/2018
Music channel on youtube 

Jónas Reynir Gunnarsson (b. 1987) is an Icelandic poet and writer. He grew up in Egilsstaðir in east Iceland, but moved to Reykjavík for his university studies and currently lives in the city. Jónas finished a Master in Creative Writing from the University of Iceland, He first published poetry in the University of Iceland‘s student paper and the cultural journal Mál og menning. Jónas is the winner of writing awards, both for poetry and as a playwright. In 2015 his short story Þau stara á mig (They are staring at me) was published by Partus Press. His first book of poetry, Leiðarvísir um þorp (Village Guide) was published by the same publisher in 2017, as well as his first novel, Millilending (stopover).

Originally from the Midlands, Degna Stone is a poet and producer based in Tyne and Wear. She is a co-founder and Managing Editor of Butcher’s Dog poetry magazine. She received a Northern Writers Award in 2015, holds an MA in Creative Writing from Newcastle University and is also a fellow of The Complete Works III.



About the artist:

María Dalberg finished her M.A. degree in fine arts from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2016. She has participated in over thirty exhibitions and film festivals in Europe and in America. She works with video installations, sound, photographs, drawings and text. For her work Streymi (2009) she asked herself: ”how can I materialize a video that flows like streaming water?” She created her own method to find the texture she was aiming for. Experimenting with different texture found in video and other media is central in her practice.

In recent years María has been taking walks in different environments where she reads into a Dictaphone glimpses of what she sees, thinks of and listens to. After many walks in either challenging environments or not so challenging, she analyses these recordings. She has found different structures within them that map different relations, between either thinking and listening or thinking and seeing. Now she is developing a method where she figures out how to materialize these experiments.

María was selected to participate in the Moscow Biennale for Young Art in the spring of 2016, curated by Nadim Samman. She took part in Alt_Cph09 Alternative Art Fair in New York in 2010, curated by Kling&Bang Gallery, and the same year she participated in Oberhausen film festival, curated by Hilke Doering. In 2008, María exhibited in Bergen Kunsthall and Photogalleriet in Oslo, curated by Maya Økland and Hilde Jörgensen.