In Newcastle the prose authors and essayists Mattias Hagberg (SE), Oddfríður Rasmussen (FO), Michael Chaplin (UK) and Haukur Ingvarsson (IS) met the Northern Stars Documentary Academy. They created a short film about authorship, writing and the work during the residential week. Texts:   Mattias Hagberg – Fragments of Imaginary Seas  Haukur Ingvarsson – The collapse   About Read more about Newcastle[…]


The children and young adult writers Mark Illis (UK), Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir (IS), Marjun Syderbø Kjelnæs (FO) and Stefan Larsson (SE) met in Gothenburg. Together with the scriptwriter and director Johanna Pyykkö they created the artistic short film Stepping Stones.   Texts:   Stepping Stones – all the texts in English Marjun Syderbø Kjelnæs, Faroese language Read more about Gothenburg[…]


In Reykjavík, the poets Degna Stone (UK), Hanna Wikman (SE), Trygvi Danielsen (FO) and Jonas Reynir Gunnarsson (IS) artist María Dalberg met. After the residential week, Dalberg created an artistic short film based on the authors’ readings, where photographs and drawings co-operate with the authors’ four different languages. Texts:   Degna Stone – Vörður Trygvi Danielsen Read more about Reykjavík[…]


The children and young adult writers Gunnar Helgason (IS), Laura Steven (UK), Rakel Helmsdal (FO), Hanna Jedvik (SE) and the artist Brandur Patursson (FO) met in Tórshavn. Together they created a visual artwork that was presented at the Literature Festival Book Days and this short film based on the four different languages.   Texts:   Read more about Tórshavn[…]