21 augusti, 2017


Jessica Schiefauer (SE), Gunnar Theodór Eggertsson (IS), Louise Halvardsson (SE) och Chloe Daykin (UK)

International cooperation within the field of literature

Writers’ Centre West is a part of bigger non-profit organization for professional writers The
Writers’ Centre in Sweden. Since 2012we have been developing contacts with European and
Nordic partners in order to create cooperation projects within the field of literature.

Earlier projects 

2016: North Sea Writers Exchange
Partners: New Writing North, England and The
Writers´ Union of Iceland.

Aims and objectives

  • To promote greater mobility and exchange between writers from different countries.
    We believe sharing experience and contacts across borders is a great source of
    inspiration, furthering production of great literature.
  • To build on and develop the Nordic and European network of literary agents to support new
    connections for writers. By giving access to new markets for the participating writers,
    we aim to make it easier for them to make a living from their writing.
  • To build connections and working relationships between literature organisations
    across the Nordic countries and Europe.
  • To increase interest in translated work in bookshops, universities, libraries and other
    partner venues and organisations in each country.