15 juni, 2017



Waters and Harbours in the North:

Four countries, 16 authors and four artists


About the project 

In the autumn 2017 organisers in four countries will each host four authors and one artist who will collaborate as a group. 

  • Gothenburg, Sweden: Children and young adult authors  
  • Newcastle, England: Prose authors and essayists
  • Tórshavn, Faroe Islands: Children and young adult authors
  • Reykjavík, Iceland: Poets

The participants will undertake inspirational visits to places of interest and collaborate with each other. They will learn from each other, experience new places and create new new work inspired by their surroundings and their experiences of the exchange.

Theme – Waters and Harbours  

The project theme is ‘water’, how our rivers, harbours and ports connect us to each other and how the elemental force of water impacts on us emotionally and physically.

Crossing the boarders 

In each country the participating authors will collaborate with a local artist to produce a new piece of a visual/audio work which will be shared on this website. 

Projects aims 

  • To give the writers new perspectives and contacts
  • To support writers and artists to create new work in new contexts
  • To support the mobility of artists and their work across Europe


The project is funded by Nordic Culture Point and the Nordic Culture FundEach of the partners will contribute in-country resources and produce the residencies locally.