7 september, 2017


In Newcastle the prose authors and essayists Mattias Hagberg (SE), Oddfríður Rasmussen (FO), Michael Chaplin (UK) and Haukur Ingvarsson (IS) met the Northern Stars Documentary Academy. They created a short film about authorship, writing and the work during the residential week.

About the authors:


Michael Chaplin is a writer for television, radio and the theatre who has also published various works of social history about the North-East of England. After a first career as a newspaper journalist and documentary producer in television, he began to write drama in the early 80’s which soon became a way of living as well as life. He has created many series, serials and single films for British television and BBC Radio 4 and over 30 years has created more than 10 stage plays for Live Theatre in Newcastle, one of Britain’s most celebrated new writing companies. Among his works of non-fiction he wrote the book ‘Tyne View’, an acclaimed social history of the river by which he grew up and where he now lives again, in the vibrant city of Newcastle.

Haukur Ingvarsson (b. 1979) is an Icelandic writer and literary scholar. His first published work of fiction is the poetry book Niðurfall og þættir af hinum dularfulla Manga (Downfall and stories of the Mysterious Manga) from 20015. Among his publications since then is a book about the latter novels of Nobel Prize laureate Halldór Laxness (2009) and the novel Nóvember (2009), also published in a German translation in 2016. Haukur was a cultural journalist for the Icelandic Broadcasting Service, RÚV, for a decade and currently does doctoral studies at the University of Iceland. His research focuses on the reception of William Faulkner‘s work in Iceland.

Mattias Hagberg is a Swedish author and culture writer. He lives and works in Gothenburg. His first novel was ”Herredjuret” (2011), a lyrical essay about human relationship to the wild. In recent years, he has especially researched Swedish and Nordic colonialism and thoughts connected to nationalism and racism. The novel ”Rekviem för en vanskapt” (2013) is about the birth of racial biology in Sweden and about thougts and images about the normal. ”Deanvändbara” (2015) is about the dark backside of the Swedish so called Folkhem. Mattias Hagberg’s latest novel ”Syndavittnet” (2017) is the first book in a planned series about the colonization of the artic part of Scandinavia and about the ordinary man’s relationship to big ideas. Mattias Hagberg also works as a literary critic and writes regularly about current social issues.

Oddfríður Marni Rasmussen, born in 1969, grew up in the village of Sandur on the island of Sandoy in the Faroe Islands and works today as a primary school teacher. He has published 13 collections of poetry, the first in 1994. From 1998 to 2000 he attended the Writers’ School (Forfatterskolen) in Copenhagen. In 2001, Rasmussen together with Danish photographer, Ole Banke, produced a book of poems and photos entitled Tað føroyska ljósið (The Faroese Light). They collaborated again in 2016 to publish a second work of poetry and photography, Gandakendu Føroyar (Enchanted Faroe Islands). Oddfríður M. Rasmussen is co-founder and co-editor of the Faroese literary journal, Vencil, which since 2006 has been publishing new Faroese writing as well as world literature in Faroese translation. A special edition of Vencil with English translations of contemporary Faroese poetry and prose was published in 2011. For further details of Oddfriður Marni Rasmussen’s most recent publications, see the publisher Sprotin.